Feel Karuchi Song Lyrics

Hello friends in ollywood Rajo special a new film Named Tu Mo Love Story-2 is released which is the sequel of last odia movie Tu Mo Love Story part 1 As before film cast this film also have both Swaraj and Bhumika in lead role and this film also many songs. Recently you have here to read Feel Karuchi Song Lyrics Of Film Tu Mo Love Story-2 which song is singing by Humane Sagar And Deptirekha Padhi.

I hope you all like Feel Karuchi song Lyrics, if i done any mistake and also you have any suggestion or idea about it please comment below.

M:- Aei ebe ebe pabanata perfum perfum perfum basuchi
F:- Aei ebe ebe mousam munsun munsun munsun laguchi

M:-Jetiki jetiki duraku jauchi
Setiki setiki pakhare pauchi
Emit kanhiki laguchi
Mun jaha feel karuchi
Tora ki se feel heuchi

F:- mun jaha feel karuchi
Tora ki se feel hauchi

M:- Chatire mo heartbeat sayeri sayeri
Ratire mo dream sabu lage love story

F:-Aji kali bata mora suhana suhana
laguchi mo pain jane dil se diwana

M:- Aei ebe ebe katha sabu kissmiss kissmiss kissmiss laguchi
Aei ebe ebe gita sabu chocolate chocolate chocolate laguchi

F:- Jetiki jetiki bhulimun jauchi
setiki setiki mane mo paduchi
Kehi jane bhala laguchi
Mun jaha feel karuchi
Tora ki se feel heuchi

M:-mun jaha feel karuchi
Tora ki se feel hauchi…….(2)

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